How to import messages to ThunderBird from Outlook 2003? From my last experience I can say that the easiest way is to import/export this way: Outlook 2003 -> Outlook Express – > Thunderbird Next step could be using MozBackup application to make backup (export) database, eg for deploying on other machine.   Related links: mozillaZine […]

You need 64-bit version of Winows 10. Join Windows Insider Program Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Advanced and Login to your Windows Insider Account Chose rs1_release Restart PC, wait about a day for new Windows Insider Preview version available to update You will need version 1607, compilation 14931 Go to Settings -> […]

If you are using an usual hosting or VPS you probably have limit of about 1 mln or eg. 0,5 mln of files (iNODEs). It’s crucial to monitor amount of files especially if you have a lot of aplications generating cache or session files. Hosting providers not always has such monitoring systems, so when you […]

When it comes to choose the right VPS or dedicated server for your solution, you may want to test its performance. Some time ago, I stood before such choice. To optimize the testing process, I wrote a bash script for Ubuntu distributions based on SysBench. You can also use it to test performance of any […]